Infoman eCRM For Service Module

Infoman eCRM – Service Marketing module

Infoman eCRM – Service Marketing module, is a web based application that helps a dealership follow-up with their customers regularly, to remind them and avail of their scheduled servicing of Vehicles. It is most beneficial for Dealerships having multiple workshops and / or presence in Multiple cities.

Infoman eCRM – Service Marketing module

The software computes next service due for each vehicle based on the Standard service cycle for that make, and the average running of the vehicle. These calculations are derived from standards prescribed for each brand.

automatic SMS / eMail reminders Based on the Service due dates, automatic SMS / eMail reminders can be sent to customers reminding them of it. And the case may also be assigned to the Call center team to make “Reminder” calls on the Customers.
follows-up with the Customer

The call center team follows-up with the Customer, fixes the appointment for servicing and makes “Post Service Feedback” calls to take a feedback on the Service experience of the customer. This helps in improving customer satisfaction and helps in delivering a seamless customer experience to our client’s customers. Thereby increasing the client base and earning client loyalty.

follows-up with the Customer

Supporting operations of both a centralised or a De-centralorised Call Center Infoman eCRM Service Marketing offers powerful features like Autoclosure of serviced vehicles, clear segregation of FREE Services, automated service reminder mailers and SMS to customers , Service Appointment & Pick up Management.

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