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DMSInfoman eDMS – Dealership Management System (New Cars), is a comprehensive, web based software for Automobile Dealership Management. It is designed to automate key functional areas of an Automobile dealership like Vehicle Indenting & Purchase, Vehicle Stocking, Booking, Billing & Financial Accounting. Infoman - eDMS gives you "the power to effectively oversee every aspect of your Dealership Operations", and responds to ever changing market conditions of the Auto industry.

Infoman eDMS offer more power to the management to control key activities related to Sales (Discount Allowed, FIFO based chassis allotment, Gate pass generation only after full payment by customer), Finance (Verification of payment by Cashier) & Stock movement. Management is constantly updated with auto-generated emails giving critical information related to Outstandings, Daily Analysis, Stock Aging, Payment collection, Vehicles Invoiced but not Delivered etc. Workflow based validation processes have been built for all transactions requiring Authorization, specially for key financial and stock transactions.

The power of Indoman eDMS is in its security features and the 24x7 access that a Dealership has to the application. The Application may be used even using a Data card, by Executives on the move. Transaction approvals may be given by using smart phone and tablets, ensuring that non availability of a manager in the dealership does not become an impediment.

Only “registered” systems may be used to access the application, effectively blocking out unauthorized users from accessing the application. Infoman eDMS is integrated with a Financial Accounting software for automatic posting of all financial transactions.

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