Infoman eDMS Pre-Owned Vehicles

Dealership Management System (Pre-Owned Cars), is a web based solution to automate the complete cycle of Purchase and Sale of old cars/vehicles. The key stages of the Purchase cycle include Recording of details of vehicles & customers interested in selling their vehicles along with expected price, Vehicle Evaluation details, Refurbishing cost.

For all the Vehicles purchased, a Purchase voucher is created and vehicle is added in stock.
The stages of the Sale Cycle includes capturing of Booking Details (customer and vehicle), details of Payment made by the customer, generation of Sale documents like Invoice & Gate Pass, & posting of Sale voucher in the Financial accounting.

Infoman eDMS (Pre-Owned) offers in-built checks to track movement of vehicles using Bar Code technology. Controls are built in to ensure that the Vehicle may leave a dealership only after complete payment has been received from the Customer.

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