Social Media Ad Management

Social Media Ad Management Key social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter , Youtube & LinkedIn provide the facility of targeting Advertisements to specific audience as per a company’s requirement to promote their products, schemes, discount offers, events & other promotional activities. The Ads are also used to divert traffic to company’s website, blogs & other promotional information. Ad managers are responsible for identifying key words to attract and target the correct audience, manage budget & bids for the Ad campaign and monitoring Ad performance to get the best ROI from each campaign.

Social Media Ad management includes :
  • Planning and designing of an Ad campaign at different social networking sites
  • Making an estimate for a successful campaign
  • Understanding and targeting the right audience at the right networking site
  • Monitoring & reviewing the bidding to ensure results are delivered within the defined budget.

Benefits of Advertising on Social Media are as follows :- Online advertising is a very cost effective way to reach customers : Compared to conventional ads in the newspaper, TV, Magazines Ads on Social media sites are more economical and cost effective. Online advertising works on a pay-per-click basis which is an efficient, targeted and cost-effctive way of advertising that has a larger reach than other mediums of PR. Payment is deducted only when the audience clicks on the link.

Targeting the right audience :- Unlike traditional forms of advertising, social media sites allow the Ad Manager to show the Ads to a target audience based on Age, Gender, location, interest, educational qualification, Work experience etc. It is important to make sure that Ads are correctly targeted and reach an audience that is interested in the company’s products or services. This ensures a positive and prompt response from the audience.

Analysing the effectiveness of the campaign : one of the greatest benefits of online advertising is its measurability and the information it provides about the target audience. Analytical reports can be generated to check the effectiveness of Ad campaigns which can then be quickly modified to increase conversions and sales (which is not possible in traditional medium).

Speed: Once an ad copy is ready, the distance between the advertiser and its consumers can be rapidly covered. Deployment can be immediate as most of the time the delivery of ad schedules is not dependent upon the publisher’s schedule. Even modifications and replacements in the ad are faster on the internet.

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