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We started operations in 1991, out of New Delhi, India, as ACS Services. We rebranded our company as ACS Infotech Pvt. Ltd. From April 2000. The name of the company was changed to ACS Infotech Pvt Ltd from April 2000. Since incorporation, we have executed a number of turnkey projects in diverse areas ranging like Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP), Customer Relationship Management System - for Auto dealers, Manufacturers and Service organizations. Our esteemed Customers include some of the largest corporations in India, government bodies, and Multinational companies. Our present installations are in over 100 cities in India,. With more than 300 customers effectively using our Applications. A major factor contributing to our consistent growth has been the emphasis we put on developing Excellence in each area of our operation. This commitment to quality has resulted in over 80% of our business coming from long-standing relationships that go back more than 10 years.

Our strength lies in building a customer base that extends beyond our esteemed clientele. We have been fortunate enough to obtain great referrals who in-turn are now our clients. either as repeat business from our existing clients or from referrals given by them. Our track record with all our clients will show you how our relationships have resulted into a good working portfolio for us. Our focus on our core values of Excellence along with Customer Service has allowed us to retain our esteemed clients most for more than a decade. With nearly every customer having given more than one order and most Customers continuing to remain in our portfolio year after year, attest to the extreme focus that we at ACS give to Customer Service.

Customer Focused Business Model

We believe all our clients are direct partners and associates of ours in all our product development. All our products have been developed with direct participation from our Customers. We place our client’s needs foremost. Our learning to enhance our products comes from our long term relationship and deep understanding of their business. This Customer driven approach has helped us develop leading edge applications targeted at critical business needs.Today our esteemed clientele have been using our software for over 15 years . Their feedback and our effort has resulted into strengthened client relationship for us. A number of Customers have been using our software for over 15 years. We follow a “Solutions” approach to all our projects assignments, ensuring that the software is successfully deployed and effectively “used” by our customers.

    Other Applications

  • Infoman ePayroll
  • Infoman CRM PreSales
  • Infoman eCRM - Service Marketing
  • Infoman CRM For Service Organizations

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